The Coaching Collective

You’re a certified life coach who often feels overwhelmed with your business.

You want your skills to be top-notch, but you lack confidence in your ability to give your clients the results they want.

You’re tired of feeling unsure in your business. What you want is a proven path that will work for you.

This is the place for coaches ready to build the




of their dreams.

these are the problems we will


Eliminate overwhelm in your life and your business.

We’ll help you get crystal clear on how to manage your exact life and business goals. We will help you draw a clear line between the two. You will feel relaxed and at ease with the direction of your business and be present in your life.

Have complete clarity in what you offer your clients.

You have unique gifts that no one else can offer. We’re going to help you get clear on your zone of genius and how it translates into a life-changing business.

Stop all confusion when it comes to your business.

You’ll have specific direction in your business by tuning into your natural workflow and your perfect business.

The Coaching Collective is the Group You’ve Been Searching For.

It’s time to have the life and business you want.

Stop Worrying

we’ve got you.

We’re the best coaches for you.

We’ve trained hundreds of coaches and Master Coaches through The Life Coach School and we know what you need.
We’ve each built 6-figure businesses from scratch including online courses, a best-selling book, workbooks, podcasts, individual and group programs. We’ve done it all and we can help you do it too.
We’ve trained some of the most successful coaches in the business and you can be one of them.
We’ve worked directly with new coaches to improve their skills and create traction and momentum in their business – and we can do the same for you. We know the problems you face and we have the permanent solutions.

Testimonial from Megan Hintz

Testimonial from Jill Wright

these are the


you can expect

  • You’ll have complete confidence in your ability to be the CEO of your business.
  • You’ll have steady momentum and continuous progress.
  • You’ll be an unstoppable coach who can solve any problem your client presents.
  • You’ll feel totally at peace with your life / business balance.
  • You’ll know how to create the exact program your clients need.
  • You’ll never again doubt your ability to create exactly what you want in life.

The Coaching Collective

is a 6-month program led by Master Certified coaches and coach trainers Molly Claire and Aimée Gianni. It’s the perfect combination of personal touch and group collaboration. The curriculum is designed to help you grow as a coach and business owner in the most fulfilling way you can imagine. We’ll guide you step by step through the process, with group support as well.



Design your Unique Life Vision

We’ll cover your “big picture” priorities, time management and how to put it all into action. It’s time to create success and be present in your life.



Find (and use) your Unique Genius

Learn to create a program that amplifies your gifts and makes a difference.



Design your Unique Business

We’ll help you tune into your natural work flow and create a goal/strategy plan to make your perfect business happen.



Master Level Coaching and Confidence

Let’s take your coaching up a level, and your confidence too. We’ll help you build confidence as you transform the effectiveness of your coaching program. This is where it all goes to the next level.



The Power of Emotions

We’ll take a deep dive into emotions and techniques to tap into them. We’ll help you use your emotions to move your business forward. We’ll teach you how to help your clients with this too.



Be the CEO of your business

You are the CEO and you know how to make this business happen. We’ll teach you how to step into that role and identify your own personal patterns of success. Together we’ll create a long-term success plan that works for you. This is the key to flourishing in your business.

My favorite part about the program is how much coaching I have received from Molly and Aimee.  They are so willing to help/coach consistently and often. I have especially loved the “Personal Mastery Hour” sessions with both Aimee and Molly.  The amount of clarity I have received has made all the difference for me.

– Megan Hintz

The Coaching Collective is incredible!! Whether you’ve been a coach for years or just starting out, this program is for you! I really wanted to be a part of a program where I could get my business to grow AND have my coaching skills improved. In this program, you get both and so much more. Molly and Aimee are both Master Coaches and it shows. The content they provide week after week, the assignments, and the coaching sessions are SO valuable. Every week I’m learning something new that is moving me closer to my “dream come true” result.

– Catie Borland

If you want to be supported by two amazing business women that are super sweet AND become a better entrepreneur, ask yourself what you’re waiting for? The sooner you do this, the sooner you will start that transformation.

– Jill Wright

Working with these two women has been AMAZING! I went from a coach filled with confusion, self-doubt, and fear, doing hardly anything in my business to having so much clarity and doing ALL the things. The small groups, assignments and being coached by two Master Coaches has been so helpful for me. I would definitely recommend this program to any coach who is feeling stuck in their business and paralyzed with fear, self-doubt, confusion or overwhelm. It has been a game-changer for me, personally and in my business!

– Stacy Landry

The Details

Individual and group calls
Help translating this work into your own life + the exact steps to create programs for your clients
Projects that create momentum in your soul and in your business
The mentorship + leadership skills you need to become the CEO of your ideal business

This program will change your life and business forever.

* In order to give you the personal attention you deserve, spots are limited, so don’t delay!