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Advanced Relationship Coach Training

with The Coaching Collective

Are you ready to expand your relationship coaching skills?

Advanced Relationship Training


The Coaching Collective

is the answer.

In this training, we will go


your current skill set and go in-depth on:

Relationship Patterns

How to spot them and help your client make relevant shifts.

Attachment Theory

Triggers and fears that may be sabotaging your client’s relationships.

Communication Strategies

Create long-term teamwork for any relationship.

Healthy Relationship Essentials

A guidepost for you to determine the best way to approach any one given client based on the health of the relationship.

The program

St. George, Utah
5 months implementation support program

Master Coach Aimée Gianni brings 25+ years in the Marriage and Family therapy world and is passionate about helping others have strong and healthy relationships.


Master Coach Molly Claire has worked up close and personal with women in their family relationships to create healthy patterns with their spouse and children and has also walked side-by-side with women healing from divorce and creating a healthier relationship going forward.

As Co-founders of The Coaching Collective, they bring a unique expertise as they help coaches building their businesses to expand their skills and serve their clients at a whole new level.