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We are Master Certified.

Master Coach Trainers.

Business Builders.

We are YOUR coaches,

Molly & Aimée.


believe in your


We started our life coach journey just like you… with an idea to become a life coach.

We completed our training and learned all that we could. We started building our businesses and worked through all of our fears and doubts.

We became Master Coaches.

✓ We created online programs.

✓ Wrote a book.

✓ Started a podcast.

We trained hundreds of other coaches and helped them begin the same life coach and business-building journey.


And now, we are here to help you.

We are two sisters united in our mission to help purpose-driven women create the life and business of their dreams.

“Aimée and Molly have both coached me personally and taught me to be a coach. They are warm and caring yet direct and focused. They don’t mess around and the results I got are a testament to that! You can’t go wrong working with these two.”

—Katrina Ubell, MD

“I’ve been lucky to be taught and coached by Aimée and Molly. They aren’t just master coaches, they’re masters of teaching the craft of coaching. For me they show a perfect example of growing a business with nothing but great coaching and great service. If a coach wants to build a business around her values, on her terms, I happily send her to the Coaching Collective.”

—Mark Butler

“Aimée and Molly are exceptional coaches not just because of their combined years of experience coaching clients but because they show up for every client/student very present and attentive – always tuned in and listening, without judgment or the assumption of knowing what is best. They invite their clients/students to explore and learn about themselves in an environment that is safe and open to all possible growth paths. I highly encourage everyone to jump on the opportunity to learn from and be coached by these two amazing Master Coaches.”

—Katie Pulsifer

We understand the power of your mind
and we’ll teach you how to use yours in the most powerful way.

We understand the importance of creating balance in your life so you can honor your priorities while still making the money you really want.

We know that you care about making a difference and we want to help you do just that.

Your purpose is too important to ignore.
You are a life coach. Now is the time.

Are you ready?